Light Outlet Switch (Wireless)
Light Switch (Wireless)
Liquid Leather, Fabric and Vinyl Repair
Liquid Stitch kit
Living Will & Power of Attorney
LLC Limited Liability Company Kit
Micro Trim - hair trimmer
Mole Control
Motion Activated Outlet
Motion Activated Products
Motion Detector for Robo-Dog
Motion Portable Alarm & Remote
Motion Sensing Light Socket
Motion Sensor (add to security system)
Multi Wireless Motion Light Kit
Multi Wireless Wall Light Switch
Night Vision Spy/Surveillance Camera
One Wire BullDog Auto Alarm
Order DiyHut Catalog
Panic Button (add to security system)
Personal Emergency Assistant
Personal Security Assistant
Pest Contro (adjustable)
Pest Control (Electric)
Pest Patrol Dual Defense
Plug-in Door Bell (Wireless)
Portable Alarms
Portable Battery Motion Alarms
Portable Doorbell (Wireless)
Portable Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
Power Horn (add to security system)
Raxus Portable Car Alarm
Record-a-chime (doorbell)
Remote Control (add to security system)
Repair Kit Wood/Formica
Repair Kits
Robo-Scan pan n' tilt
Robocut Vacuum Hair Cutter
Safety beam
Security System (Wireless)
Simulated Security Camera
Siren (add to security system)
Solar Light
Solar Light lantern
Spy Cam (Wireless)
Spy Camera (Wireless)
Spy/Surveillance Cameras
Tap on/off Light (As Seen on TV)
Teeth whitening Bleaching kit
The Clapper (as seen on tv)
Tile/Vinyl/linoleum Floor Repair Kit
Tua Viso - Non-Surgical Face Lift
Ultrasonic Bug Repeller
varicose vein remover
VCR Cammander (records with motion)
Voice Activated Outlet
Window Tinting Tool Kit
Windshield Repair Kit
Wireless light socket switch
Wireless Security System

Do-It-yourself Product Index:
20% Dark Tint Package
30 Second Facelift
35% medium 2 window Package
35% Medium Tint Package
5% Limo Tint Package
50% Light 2 Window Package
Alarm Sticker (decal)
Alarm Warning Sticker (Large)
As Seen on TV
Barking Dog Alarm (robodog)
Battery Pack for Spy Cam
Battery Power Motion Light
Beauty Products
Bird Repeller
Body Hair Removal Product
Brinkmann Solar Lantern Light
Buying and Selling your Home
Car Alarms
Car Bumper Repair
Car Window Tint
Carpet Repair Kit Home/Auto
Chimney Sweeping Log
Chin Gym facial exersizer
Color Catalog from DiyHut
Color Spy Cam with Sound
Deer Repeller
Deluxe 2 Pest Control (electronic)
Do-It-Yourself Bankruptcy Kit
Do-It-Yourself Car Tinting Video
Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair Kit
Do-It-Yourself Divorce Kit
Do-It-Yourself Haircutter
Do-It-Yourself Incorporation Kit
Do-It-Yourself Living Trust Kit
Dome Camera (fake)
Door Bell (Wireless)
Door Stop Alarm
Door Window Alarm
Door/Window Sensor (add to security system
Driveway Patrol
Emergency (panic) Buttons
Epil Stop and Spray Hair Removal
Fabric/Upholstery Repair Kit
Fake (Motion) Camera
Fake Car Alarm
Floating Solar Pool Light
Fly Catcher
Fuller Lips (collagen substitute)
Glow Stone
Hair Removal System
Hairagami (as seen on tv)
Haircutting Kits
Igia brush n color
Igia sew express
IGIÁ Twist-A-Braid
Ink Refill Kit(black)
Key Chain for Wireless Security System
Kwick lock pick
Lamp Control (works with security system)
Lamp Control for Robo-Dog
Last Will and Testament
Leather/Vinyl Repair Kit
Legal Kits
Do-It-Yourself Hut
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